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Hey, I’m Ashley!

I was born a fashionista, but began professionally styling in 2013, when just like you - I was fed up with the unpleasant consumer shopping experience.

I was tired of department stores selling, not styling, and the disappointment of fashion-in-a-box subscriptions. That’s why I founded AC.Styles, a styling service that focuses on individualized guidance from fashion experts.

My industry-leading approach to curating unique wardrobes for busy lifestyles has become a sought-after service over the years and after 6 years and 1,000+ clients, I still believe in challenging the retail industry and reimagining the shopping and styling experience every day.

And now, Ashley’s grown
her team to eight and counting!

Today, we help our clients step into their identity
and discover a powerful side to themselves they may
not have felt fully connected to before.

We believe clothing and confidence are extremely impactful in allowing us to express creative freedom and influence external and internal perceptions of ourselves. Our clients feel more powerful, more present, and more excited to walk into a room because their style finally reflects aspects of who they are that were hidden before.



Ashley graduates from Columbia
College Chicago with a degree
in Fashion Retail Management and a
concentration in Costume Design.

Straight out of college, Ashley
worked on set of the short film
“Voluntary” as a costume
designer. It was here that she
received the validation that styling
was her calling.


After a few years of film, print &
tv styling, Ashley landed her first
corporate styling role with a large
automotive talent agency. She
began creating wardrobes for
press/media and auto shows for
Lexus, Toyota, Porsche, GMC,
and more.


Ashley styles her first personal
client and immediately
realized the impact she could
have on self esteem and
confidence - she was hooked!


Ashley spent a year building out the styling team for the Bay Area fashion start up, Boon & Gable. Their mission was to extend the reach of retail with tech enabled personal stylists.


Ashley joins the startup team of a Fortune 50 company, helping them develop conversational commerce. The startup focused on personal shopping by text message for recommendations, everyday household goods and gifts.


Ashley styles her 100th personal client, and falls in love with the process more and more with each client.


AC Styles is officially founded


lex joins the team as Ashley’s first hire, and the AC Styles becomes a party of two!


Ashley styles her 1,000th client and realizes AC Styles could be something major.

Sydney and Hillary join the team as Stylists to expand AC Styles’ reach!

Today, the AC Styles Team has collectively worked with over 1,500 clients and counting! Are you next?

Meet your style squad


CEO + Founder

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Originally from Kalamazoo, MI, Ashley has since lived in all the major US cities. Through her extensive travel, she’s been able to connect with a wide range of individuals and constantly get new style inspiration. Though she’s worked for both small and large companies, she has always had a natural entrepreneurial spirit that’s envisioned more in the shopping and styling space for the everyday customer. She’s a visionary who is constantly considering the end user, and how she can reverse engineer her process for a delightful client experience.

Fun Fact:

Ashley won a scholarship from a bowling tournament with her mom when she was 11.


Director of Marketing & Operations

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Born and raised in New York, Alex is an ops expert with experience developing training strategies, building domestic and international teams, and launching platforms. She’s worked in a variety of industries, from the performing arts to eyewear to conversational commerce, where she’s always been passionate about both the customer and employee experience. In her spare time she likes to make ice cream and play with her German Shepherd, Gazpacho.

Fun Fact:

Alex lived in the tower of a 14th century medieval castle for 4 months, where there was a resident ghost!


Customer Experience Manager

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Born and raised in the Philippines, Rea has been working in customer service for many years, where she developed the love to serve and make people happy. She was formerly part of the customer support team for one of the biggest Telcos in the US. She'd receive calls for billing, technical and sales concerns. She also gained the experience in working for order and email management. During her spare time, she loves to play with her son and cook/bake for her family and friends.

Fun Fact:

Rea was born left-handed, but had an injury as an energetic kid so is now right-handed.


Logistics Manager

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Jetro currently lives in Davao City, Philippines and is constantly developing himself in various disciplines to broaden his skills and passion in technology and graphic design. He is a Licensed Professional Teacher and is pursuing freelance opportunities. He spends his time on the computer watching tv shows and playing video games.

Fun Fact:

While growing up, Jetro’s Dad (who’s a musician) would always play rock, folk and country music early in the morning to wake him up for school.


Head of Stylist Training & Operations

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Sydney grew up on the East Coast but now lives in Pasadena, CA. She loves helping our clients build confidence through her styling expertise. She got her start in brick and mortar retail and visual merchandising before discovering a love for personal styling. She's now spent over 5 years as a stylist and has worked with hundreds of clients. During her time with AC Styles she has helped many clients completely revamp their wardrobes through our Style On Demand process. She has also spent over 10 years working in the acting industry and has even performed on Broadway!

Fun Fact:

Sydney loves to go swing dancing and wine tasting in her free time!


Wardrobe Stylist

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Born and raised in Detroit, Hillary is a seasoned fashion pro with over a decade of experience in retail, operations and marketing. She has been an image consultant and was the Director of operations for a San Francisco-based fashion tech startup. She has passion for quality fabrics, men's tailoring and loves playing with texture. At AC Styles, she enjoys connecting people with the pieces they will reach for again and again. In her spare time, she enjoys urban hikes in NYC, collecting passport stamps and all things leopard (after all, it's her favorite color).

Fun Fact:

Hillary is technically a third (named after her father and grandfather) and fell in love with men's tailoring while joining her father for custom suit fittings on Saturdays during her childhood.


Social Media Coordinator

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Born and raised in Davao City, Philippines, Liezel received a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and started working as a Virtual Assistant in 2020. Since then, she's been working with several virtual clients and has developed a knack for digital marketing. In her free time, she loves going out to eat with her friends and family.

Fun Fact:

Liezel is a big BTS fan!



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Ariel’s expertise and love for fashion and communications join together in her role as Curator. Her early fashion memories include scouring vintage clothing racks in Atlanta, GA and her first job as a sales associate in her hometown’s local clothing boutique. She graduated from Georgia Tech with a BS in Media & Communications and worked in communications, events, and PR for Malibu and downtown Los Angeles shopping destinations. In 2021, she began sewing as a hobby and now greatly enjoys making one of a kind pieces in her spare time.

Fun Fact:

My greatest fashion find is a 1996 Vivienne Westwood black velvet corset…discovered in a UK charity shop for £20!



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We’re on a mission to to re-invent the shopping & styling experience

There’s a misconception that having a stylist is only reserved for celebrities.

We believe many people can benefit from having a styling expert to learn what works best for them or to save them time. If spending your weekend at the mall or scrolling online isn’t your cup of tea or you don’t have the natural skillset or desire to learn how to best shop yourself - it’s time to call in the experts.

What we’re all about


Building Relationships

We are not robots that send boxes or

in-store shoppers incentivized by

commissions, we care deeply about our
customers and strive to build more with

them than just their wardrobe.


Efficiency & Effectiveness

We know your time is valuable, so we prioritize
efficiency throughout our entire process. We
infuse both humans and technology to make
your experience personalized and quick, to
get you
the best results!


Conscious Consumerism

We believe in quality and versatility
quantity, and that your closet
should be
reserved for items you love,
will get maximum
use from, and aligns
with your lifestyle.

Hire an expert
style team

We’ve serviced hundreds of clients with
our proven 4-step
process in Style on
Demand - helping professionals,

c-level executives and busy parents re-
invent the way
they present themselves
to the world.

If you’re ready to amplify your image, eliminate shopping from your to-do list and have grab-and-go outfits at your fingertips, so you can dress with ease and show up confidently, then let’s do this!

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