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we're a relationship-first styling service

helping people look and feel great
every single day.

From creators, to thought leaders, tastemakers, and experts, our clients know how important it is to look
and feel their best, always. But great style is a learned skill, not a natural gift. And you’ve got a busy
schedule. So, call in the experts at AC.Styles to be your ON DEMAND style team, ensuring that you walk
into every room feeling powerful, present, and confident.

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how it works:


During your initial style assessment, we’ll ask you
questions about your lifestyle, current style, and style
goals to get a holistic understanding of your needs.
You’ll provide us with photos of yourself and what you
wear now, and we’ll collaborate on a mood board to
visually define your style goals.

Book an a-la-carte assessment


Now that we’ve gotten to know a little bit more about
you, we’ll hit the ground running. You’ll meet one-on-one
with your dedicated Lead Stylist to align your goals,
review and critique your current style, discuss your
mood board and style goals, and run a color analysis to
ensure your new wardrobe makes you look GREAT.

what does my lead stylist do?


Your lead stylist will take point on your style experience,
and will be with you every step of the way to ensure your
style needs and goals are considered with each phase of
the process! They are your advocate and ally in this
entire experience!


We’ll audit your closet with you piece-by-piece, either
virtually or in-person at your home, to ensure that
anything that remains is in line with your style goals.
You’ll be introduced to your Curator, who will infuse
trends with timeless style to ensure you feel excited to
step into your closet every morning.

What does my Curator do?


Your Curator is fashion-obsessed and keeps their finger on the pulse of what's in style. They are your dedicated trend-guru, who ensures that every piece in your closet, new and old, is stylish, trendy, and fresh.


Once we’ve audited what you have, it’s time to purchase
what you need! We’ll fill in the blanks of your refined
wardrobe, so you don’t have to lift a finger to achieve great style. During your initial audit, we note what’s missing from your closet, and source, purchase and ship these items direct to your door. No muss, no fuss. Just new
clothes that you’re sure to love.


Getting the perfect fit is a universal style struggle, at
least, it used to be. During this phase of the process,
your dedicated Logistics Coordinator will work diligently
to return or exchange any items that don’t fit well, and
coordinate tailoring for any pieces that require the
perfect, custom fit.

What does my logistics coordinator do?


Never worry about printing return labels or missing return deadlines again! Your Logistics Coordinator is a PRO at managing returns and exchanges, and will make getting the perfect fit with every piece a breeze!


The next question you may be asking is, “I’ve got this
great closet, but now what?” Once we’ve filled in the
holes and created your well rounded wardrobe, we
supply you with a custom look book - styling each of
your pieces, new and old, into curated outfits you’ll be
excited to wear.


The key to great style, is keeping your wardrobe up-to-
date. Maintain your new look and stay in-style with our
monthly (or quarterly) closet refreshes, where your
dedicated style team works with you to replace outdated
pieces, incorporate new styles, and ensure your
wardrobe fits like a glove, always.


When we say on-demand, we truly mean it. Got invited to a
dinner party last minute? Going on a special trip? Just got
nominated for an award? Call in to your dedicated Style
, any time, any place, who will activate your style
team to come in and pull, purchase, and tailor the items
you need for any event, big or small!

What does my Style Assistant do?


Your on-call style operator, who activates the various members of your style team when you need them, on-demand and at the ready to keep you looking great, every single day!

view all the steps

great style,
in action.

Learn about a few of our recent
client experiences

Meet Cole

Scottsdale, AZ


Cole is a hardworking CEO in his late 20’s who wanted to look good, with very minimal effort. He knows his zone of genius and didn’t want to invest any more time or energy on anything not in his lane (like fashion!) As a single guy, primarily working from home, Cole needed casual everyday looks, looks to go out on dates and a solid suit or two for weddings and other formal events that come up.


  • Easy outfits for going out with friends, traveling, and dating.
  • Clothes he can easily work out in 
  • A quick and time-efficient way to refresh his look


✔️ Dress-to-impress date looks

✔️ Dating profile photo refresh

✔️ Gym & athleisure wear

✔️ New brand & website photos

✔️ His time back! By doing 1 -2 in-home sessions per year, his style is great year-round.

Meet Renee

San Diego, CA


Renee is an active career mom of 2. She works in-person at a university and travels globally speaking on panels, TV shows, and conferences. She attends a lot of charity galas or kids soccer games when not working.  In the summer, she loves to travel to her home country of Jamaica. Her style is very Michelle Obama-like. 


  • A style team that takes shopping off her plate whether that’s in-home or for local pick up
  • She is an economist, professor and busy mom of 2 - she needs to look good but has no time to shop! 
  • An image that allows her to show up on virtual and physical stages looking her best all around the world


  • On-demand styling for last-minute events and interviews
  • A polished, refined image
  • A long-term relationship, we’ve been refining Renee’s look and style over the years and it’s one less thing on her plate
Meet Leonard

Bay Area, CA


Leonard is a construction company CEO by day and a musician and lover of the arts by night. He is active in various artsy social clubs and needs his look to easily transition from corporate day-to-day to fun and funky at night and on the weekend.  



  • A style and image refresh
  • To feel like his look aligned with his eclectic work in the music industry 
  • Ease of getting ready when packing
  • A stylist that just gets him, is on the pulse of fashion, and can keep his style modern long term.


  • Complete image transformation from corporate to creative
  • Color and fun added to his wardrobe
  • Looks that are read-to-go for Vegas, Nashville, or wherever!

we’re on-call,
no matter

the occasion.

Your team of style experts are on
demand to ensure you look your best,
and always know exactly what to
wear - and when.

  • Awards
  • Photoshoots
  • Social events
  • Date night
  • Galas
  • Important meetings
  • Travel
  • Everyday style

don’t just take it
from us…

I had a rush request — two weeks before I leave for a business trip. Every other “fancy” stylist told me they would not be able to accommodate.

Not only did I get what I was asking for on a such short notice, but it turned out to be an amazing experience. We did the online shopping experience. I heard it is important to have chemistry and understanding with your stylist, as an introvert and numbers person, it is usually very difficult for me. From the very first call, we had all that, I felt so comfortable talking to the business owner Ashley about my request, and then my stylist . My stylist, Sydney,was 100% spot on with my needs. She introduced me to the high quality, yet affordable designers, that would be great for my body type, and was so thoughtful throughout the process. She heard all of my requests, and the clothes she sent was amazing!

- Maria A

VP Financial Services, NYC

I don't even know where to start describing how happy I am with the end results.

Delivered as promised, even went far and beyond expectations. Ashley Capps, Sydney Allen and the team over at AC Styles was a delight to work with. Looking forward to working with the team continuously as this has now become a vital part of my life. I can't believe I went years misinterpreting the quality and care that should go towards clothes and how I present myself to the world. The change is palpable and very evident and I only wish I would've done this years ago. 10/10 would hire again.

- Roberto

Musician, Santa Barbara

I simply couldn’t have been more thrilled with the entire process. Sidney has an amazing talent and passion.

She thoroughly took the time to get to know me to establish my style objectives. She determined which of my
existing clothes are not suitable for my style. She prepared in advance for our shopping trip.

I don’t like shopping, and she actually made the experience as pleasant as possible. She established a budget
and saved me a healthy amount of money. Had I shopped on my own, I would have spent much more and received
a lot less with clothes not as fitting to my new look. Sydney was there on time and got me out on time.

I plan to always have Sydney do all of my clothes shopping. She’s AMAZING!

- Mark K,

Private Wealth Advisor, Los Angeles

They accommodated my busy schedule and were able to add 30 (!!!) amazing pieces of clothing to my closet.

And… it was way below my budget! People at work were pleasantly surprised seeing me dressed so well! It literally advanced my career and helped me get that promotion I was working for years to achieve. Now, not going to lie, it cost more than I was expecting initially, but that was only my thoughts in the beginning. Styling experience I got with these ladies is worth way more than what they are asking. Shortly, very professional, knowledgeable and amazing service. If I had time, I would totally fly them out to New York to have styling sessions in person.

- Maria A

VP Financial Services, NYC

This was the best experience I have ever had. We went through my closet, eliminated lots of old items and replaced and updated my entire wardrobe.

She knew what would fit and flatter my figure as well as what would portray the correct image I was hoping for. Absolutely amazing! She is a great listener and it made for a life changing experience!!

- Erika

President Michigan Investment Title, Detroit, MI

After working with Ashley, you will never want to work with another stylist again! I wish i had met her years ago.

Ashley has the heart to listen and understand what her client wants/needs. Style transformation with Ashley for me it's not just following what's trendy right now, but it's to discover and explore who I am, who I want to be, and to wear clothings that match perfectly! Highly recommended! You will be impressed!

- Barbara H,

Accountant, Seattle

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The Membership

• Year-long collaboration with a personal stylist and style team

• On-the-fly styling support for events via messaging

• Spread out purchases and payments

• Update your closet and refine your style gradually 

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Virtual Experience


• Collaborate virtually with your dedicated stylist

• Receive personalized clothing shipments tailored to your style preferences

• Develop shopping and styling skills that lead to smarter fashion choices

• Enjoy streamlined sessions and efficient shopping, saving you time and effort


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Premium Service

• Hands-on style reset in 48 hours

• Full-service experience from consultation to outfit creation

• Expedited try-ons and on-the-spot tailoring to ensure perfect fit

• Optional onsite closet assessment for effortless organization and easy outfit selection


Learn More

Achieve Closet Clarity

Revitalize your closet. Maximize your confidence.

  • A professional audit of your current wardrobe
  • Custom closet lookbooks full of 25+ head to toe outfits
  • If applicable, a personalized shopping list identifying any wardrobe gaps


Learn More

Transform & Develop Your Style

(Re)Define your image with style. Reflect the real you.

  • A style assessment to determine your preferences, fit for your body type and lifestyle needs
  • Once we've identified the direction of your new team, our team will handle all shopping and returns for you
  • Your stylist will create 5 – 10 head to toe looks and provide guidance for how to incorporate them into your life
Learn More

Priority Member Package

All of our style services. All done for you.

  • A full assessment of your closet: we'll audit what you have, identify what you need and shop for you throughout the year
  • Multiple sessions with you stylist to update your closet, put together outfits or prepare for an upcoming event
  • Purchases, returns, and exchanges handled entirely by our logistics team A complete, easy to access digital archive of your outfits—you'll never ask What will I wear?! again
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Frequently asked questions

Do you work in my city?

We work with clients all over the US both virtually and in-
Depending on your schedule and preference, we
can fly directly to you to go through your current closet
or shop in-home (if you’re in LA, OC, SF and Scottsdale no travel is needed) or we can get started virtually. We have
a lot of clients that do a combination of both.

How much should I expect to spend on clothing?

We work with a wide variety of ranges depending on your brand preferences, lifestyle needs (suits vs WFH will likely have different price points) and volume of items you’d like to purchase.


Majority of our clients aren’t particular on brand names but they are with quality. They’re not looking to buy poorly made items that fall apart quickly or do not fit well.


Whether you're looking for a refresh or an overhaul, we'll help you determine a budget best suited to you. We'll mix high and low pieces—depending on your preferences—and make sure your high end selections stand the test of time.

In general, if you’re starting from scratch, we’d recommend investing a range from $2,500 – $10k towards new clothes. Our initial service packages range between $2,000 – $6,000. To break up the investment, clothing costs can be spread out throughout the year through one of our membership programs.

I’m in the process of losing weight, can I work with you now?

Absolutely! We work with a ton of changing bodies whether that’s weight loss, weight gain or you just had a baby. As you age, your body is going to change whether it’s intentional or not.


To keep you on track with your goals, it’s important to look and feel great today.


We’ve seen clients bulk up or lose even more weight than they intended to because they’re feeling like their best selves!


If you’re actively on a plan, we recommend buying things slightly snugger (or looser if you’re looking to gain) knowing they’re going to fit great when you reach your goal.


During our process, we help you learn the best fit for your figure and work with your local tailor to understand your preferences and be able to make adjustments as your body changes.

I’m pregnant, do you do maternity styling?

Yes! We can style you and your bump through all trimesters.

I have a busy schedule, how much time will I need to invest in this?

Style on demand was built for those with a busy schedule in mind.  This program is designed to take shopping and styling off of your plate so you can stay in your zone of genius. 

At minimum, 60 minutes for our initial kick-off call with a little prep required before-hand.  If you are really time-strapped, we recommend at least 1 in-home experience to start as this requires the least amount of time from you.

If working together virtually, you have the option to book 1:1 sessions or you can utilize direct messages to get quick feedback or styling help. Whatever works best for your schedule and preferred communication style.

Does “on demand” really mean, “on demand”?

Yup! You’ll have your style team on speed dial for last minute events, trips or dates that come up! 

Have you worked with someone who looks like me?

We've worked with a broad range of genders, ages, and style personalities – you name it! From 15-75 years old, ranging nationalities, skin tones, body shapes, and sizes.

Check out our past clients here.

I just want a look that's easy to maintain on an everyday basis– do you work with people like me?

All the time! We're here to build you an accessible wardrobe that works with your lifestyle. Together we'll create a closet that's easy to pull and log looks from, so you always have your go-to's.

How quickly can I see results?

The magic of our packages is how tailored they are to your schedule. 

Our Premium Service is the ideal option for those seeking a quick turnaround in-person with minimal effort. You'll see the results of your style reset in 48 hours.

With the Membership Package, you can expect a refresh as a result of your initial style experience—scheduled at your convenience.

Looking to gradually build your wardrobe? The Virtual Experience, taking place over 6 – 12 weeks, transforms your style over time—allowing your new wardrobe and style tools to become lifelong habits.

What if I have a preference of where my clothing comes from? (Ex: Sustainable, eco-friendly, BIPOC-owned, female-owned)

We are happy to source items based on your needs – this is where we shine and can customize our service to fit your preferences.

Can I gift this experience?

Absolutely, we can make this experience unforgettable for the special someone in your life.

What are your hours?


Office Hours:

Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 6:00pm PST

Saturday: 9:00am - 2:00pm PST


You can also email us at [email protected] and we’ll answer within 48 business hours.